• @Sij said in A philosophical discussion:

    To make the world more peaceful, the ethnolingual and ethnic differences within people are to be erased and they need to be united under a common eternal hereditary tribal identity. For example, a highly organized religion.

    I really like this piece, you are right!!! except about the never happening part, people gotta stop using that word lol, fear not! i will not stop. 🙂 You pretty much just reworded exactly what i've learned! these tribes are all false, created before we knew of each other based on geographical barriers language barriers etc. Again all it is, is a matter of finding a way to help people realize that a literal truth or the reality is we are all the same tribe. ummm i havent slept in a few days from writing my project, 185 pages so far lol, and im starting to have trouble responding to you guys effectively.

    My advice to you, Never say never! 😉

    Thank you so much for taking time to offer your input, i appreciate it more than youll ever know! I hope your day is filled with positive vibes!!

  • Can't read the entire topic because I'm at school, anyway do you know those ant farms where people keep ants as pets? Or those closed micro ecospheres/ecosystems that you can buy around? Do those pets that live in there realize that they're trapped? No, because they're not smart enough and it seems all normal to them.

    It's kind of the same for us, the secrets of the universe are so big and deep that our brains are just not programmed to understand, we're not smart enough for that. Maybe we really live trapped in a crystal ball and we don't realize that. Like the life of a butterfly or of an ant, for us it is nothing compared to the life of a human, imagine that on a much larger scale and it's easy to understand how the life of a single human it is nothing to the universe.

  • @mikeJB you dont need the bible to discover the god you believe in. try just living the life christianity instructs you too. Love. Follow the 10 commandments. Be kind to everyone, even your enemies, as christ would have done. I believe that if you only look for god in that book, finding the true god just becomes more and more difficult. Here is a quote for you from Albert Einstein.

    Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.

    You were born no less or greater than anyone else and you have an extraordinary ability to see and understand things that cannot be seen with the eyes, heard from your ears, things that can only be felt with your heart and soul.

    I really hope you have a great day, my days have been pretty amazing lately, and it all started the day i started being the change i wanted to see in the world. I feel great, people love having me around because i am always so kind and considerate to everyone, and i try to be as helpful as i can to anyone in need. Do i feel like being all nicey nice every day? hell no, im only human, but ive conquered myself. My emotions do not dictate my actions anymore. I wont say i have achieved self control completely because you can always be better, but i am definitely practicing self control daily.

  • @Gid I followed ya 🙂 and just for the record, anytime you could use some kind words, I am always here to talk to and i have an infinite supply of kindness 🙂


    @sarah_the_magpie You're wrong.

    I'm not a fascist. I'm a realist. I derive my opinions from facts, not from feelings or propaganda.

  • @sarah_the_magpie I do really agree with you. Longtime ago Héraclite said that war is the mother of everything.

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