What is wrong with the young people in conservative countries?

  • In most conservative or third world countries parenting is extremely toxic. The newer generations often realize how toxic their home environment is and how unhealthy the parenting is. They often talk about going through extreme stress and mental health issues due to this.
    But at the end of the day, if you ask for your peers' opinion or advice about the societal pressure to respect and obey your elders no matter what, they will still tell you that you should "love your parents because they birthed you" or "they were raised differently so we should understand them but they have no obligation to understand us, no matter what they say or do" or how much they sacrificed for us.
    For example whenever someone comments on social media about corporal punishment being encouraged like in india for example, the people opposing it the most are fellow indian youth. They claim "they didnt end up as criminals because their parents bet them up with slippers". So the same people that know and go through the issues caused by these traditions are also the ones supporting it. Why is that?