• A new Solitaire game inspired by Mahjong. To play tap matching cards to remove them from the table. The suit does not matter so a card can be matched with any other that has the same number. For instance 5 of hearts can be matched with 5 of hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades. Play is continuous - if you run out of moves the cards will shuffle so that a move becomes available. There are 50 levels in total.

  • Bomberman is an arcade classic maze-based game, where your robotic character Bomberman has to survive and work his way through a tightly packed maze. Avoiding enemies and destroying them as you progress in stages. Bomberman as the name suggests places bombs on the stage which blow in a couple of seconds, giving you enough time to move away from the blast radius of the bomb. Power ups are there to help you in the game as you progress and face difficult enemies. The objective of your character in Bomberman is to be the winner by defeating all enemies and keeping your character alive.

  • Adventure Time is a game that can be played by hundreds and thousands of players simultaneously, basically an online multiplayer game. Adventure time has a free roam map that players can explore and interact with objects available in the game. Adventure Time is available to play on most of the browsers and platforms. Moreover the game is responsive enough to be played on your handheld devices like iOS, Android devices and tablets too. Users can create their own characters, simply name your character and venture into the world of Adventure Time. Since this game is an online multiplayer you can ask your friends to get online and join you in this adventure game. You can always play with other players that are playing the game or even invite them to play with you on this free fun multiplayer game. Thousands of users can play this adventure game for free and due to its simple controls anyone can master Adventure Time in no time.

  • Tetris is as everyone knows to be a highly addictive puzzle game, since Tetris games could be played anywhere. Tetris game has been an absolute favorite among many people belonging to any age group. Tetris games have been one of the most popular and most played games in human history. Tetris was simply the best free tetromino game available on the internet. Tetris brings harmony in our lives by addressing our universal desire to create order out of chaos.

  • Eat each others, grow happy!

  • Master Chess Multiplayer is the online version of the super cool Master Chess. This new version of the game now allows you to play with friends or strangers from all over the world rather than local play only. This is chess is in its purest form as you can play the game how it was meant to be played but with people all around the world. This will help you develop your game as you play better players each time. You still have to option to play against the computer to practice your skills ready to take on the best players around. Good luck!

  • Master Checkers Multiplayer is the online version of the super cool Master Checkers. This is Checkers in its purest form as you can play the game how it was meant to be played but with people all around the world.

  • The GOAL of the game is to get rid of all your cards before the opponents. You can play with two, three or four opponents, controlled by the computer.

  • Tic-tac-toe this is a multiplayer version of the famous ancient game tic-tac-toe you can play it free here.

  • Simple Hill Climb Racing Adventure. A fun car game with very good graphics and fun levels. - 3 cars - car upgrades - 21 levels

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