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Voice To Text Messaging - Convert Voice Recording To Text Online For Easy Messaging

Emma, Chad, and Claire were so busy gossiping from different corners of the world that they didn’t have any account of time. Minutes blurred into hours when Chad suddenly couldn’t type anymore - wishing he could just talk to text. It was late at his end and he was tired from working at Mrs. Jones’ snack shop down the alley and taking two classes at college that took up four hours.

Chad knew that he couldn’t just ditch the conversation - Emma was sharing something personal about her and she’d think that he had dozed off listening to her sob story or gotten bored and decided to logout. Chad could call the girls, but it was pretty late, and he wasn’t in the mood to talk on the phone.

Exploring the many features of the app they were talking through, he found the voice to text feature which allowed him to dictate his messages which were automatically written down and readied for hitting sent.

This enabled Chad to rest his fingers but continue on with conversing with his online friends.

Ever just gotten fed up with typing like Chad when talking on a chat app?

Like you wanna talk to your friends, but you’re not up for phoning them and typing out your texts feels like a chore?

If you’ve ever been in this dilemma then you’d be happy to know about the voice to text feature. It makes things super easy for those who want to chat but without having to put in much effort at all.

What is a voice to text app?

A voice to text app is simply one in which you use your voice for text messaging. Such an application allows you to speak your text messages rather than type them out. So basically, such an app can convert voice recording to text online.

Now there are mainly two types of voice to text app. Let’s take a look at both:

1 - Voice to text app for typing out documents

The first kind of voice to text app is for people who type such as professional typists or writers. Such an app allows them to take a break from the daily drill of typing to simply read what’s on their mind and get the app to note their words down on the document.

2 - Talk to text app for messages

The second kind of voice to text app is one in which people can text by speaking their messages. This allows them to take a break from typing their messages to their friends and simply speaking their messages very much like the voice recording feature on WhatsApp.

The only difference is that the voicemail to text feature which we are talking about doesn’t send voice clips but converts those into written messages. Such a feature is available in chat rooms, or in other words in a free chat app with strangers.

On Talk with Stranger, the entire app doesn’t revolve around converting voice to text messaging. Rather speech to text is a feature that you can use when you don't feel like typing and would rather speak your messages out.

How to speak text messages?

Speaking your text messages is not a trick that you will have to master or a feature that is too complicated to use. Rather you just have to record your voice. The app or its voice to text feature will automatically convert voice recording to text online.

Think of it like the dictate feature on Microsoft word or the voice recording feature on a Google document. To help you get started, here are some simple steps:

  • Open the voice to text online feature

  • Record your message by clicking on the microphone icon

  • Once done, you’ll notice your words have been typed out

  • If there are any mistakes, correct those manually if you wish to

  • Hit send and you are done!

How does a voice to text app make your life easier?

A free speech to text app can be great for the days you want to participate in a chat, but you don’t feel like putting in the effort to message. Wondering how a voice to text app can make your life substantially easier in many ways. Let’s take a look at some ways a voicemail to text application can help you:

1 - It doesn’t make your fingers hurt

We’re not saying this, research is - texting frequently on your phone can hurt your fingers as well as your neck as it stays bent or in an awkward position in the process. This is where a free talk to text feature can help you out. You don’t have to use your fingers or bend your neck for long stretches. On a voice to text online app, you simply have to speak your text for it to get typed out automatically.

2 - You can use it when you are tired

Got back from work after a long day of typing? Want to talk on chat with your pals online but don’t have the energy left? Take some rest or use the free speech to text feature, in order to respond to the messages you have received. This way, you can participate in the chat app without fatiguing yourself or straining your eyes further.

3 - You can use it if you are a slow typist

Though it seems like everyone is great at typing these days with their fingers running faster than the mutant Quick Silver when on the keyboard, that’s not the case. In fact, some of us are awfully slow at typing. For such people, typing means wasting a lot of time. Bring in the speech to text feature and they can easily participate in chat rooms now.

4 - It can make conversations go faster

Another reason the transcribe voice recording to text free feature is preferable is because it is faster. Of course, speaking out your texts is much better, quicker even, than having to type out each letter. Voice to text messaging gets rid of trivial typing issues and makes conversations go faster.

Is voice to text a safer feature than texting?

One woman was texting while shopping and because she was so distracted, she didn’t notice the fountain that was right ahead of her. As you’d expect, she fell into the fountain. But what made the occurrence really odd was how mad she got at the security guards who wouldn’t stop laughing at her.

Another woman fell into a hole because of distracted walking while texting and yet another trapped herself in an automatic car carousel because she was busy on her phone while walking. And these are all true incidents. It’s also not uncommon to miss signs, sirens and horns as well as walk into a strange place while being distracted by texting.

Texting while driving is also quite dangerous which is why you must always keep your phone aside. Did you know every year 330,000 people in America die because of texting while being behind the wheel?

This is where sending a quick message through the voice text chat feature comes into play. If it is so important to reply to a contact, you can always look ahead on the road, rather than on your phone and send a quick message on the voice to text messaging app.

You’ll just have to say the words that you want to be written and that’s it. You wouldn’t need to waste precious minutes typing your message out.

However, this doesn’t mean that you participate in a voice to text app when you are crossing the road, driving or are engaged in another such activity. This is also being distracted so only important replies should be sent rather than using the app and completely continuing the conversation.

You should always be aware of when your phone needs to go in your pocket. Humans think they’re great at multitasking but that’s not the truth, even science has proven this. So, focus on walking or driving and then when you are home and safe, use the free voice to text software or messaging app.

You may think that free speech to text couldn’t be as dangerous as texting as your face is not dug into your phone. But that is not the truth. People injure themselves, land themselves into trouble or even their graves every day because they’re distracted by apps on their phone or attending a call.

Is voice to text a relatively new feature?

Have you ever used a voice to text feature in a social media chatting app? Like in Messenger or Whats App? While these applications allow you to send voice clips, they don’t have the voice to text messaging feature. And there seems to be no other prominent or popular voice to text messaging app out there either.

Sure there are many apps out there that are for converting your voice notes to text messages. However, there are very few apps out there that integrate the voice to text feature into an already existing chat app. One app that allows you to convert voice to text is Talk with Stranger. This app is not specifically for conversion through the voice to text feature. Instead, this app has been designed specifically for chatting with strangers online through chat rooms.

However, it cannot be said that voice to text is a relatively new feature. Because you see, this feature has been around for a long time. It is nothing new, only that it is not as well-integrated into most messaging apps. Many people confuse a voice to text app with a speech to text document app even though both are completely different.

Which is the best voice to text app?

There are numerous voice to text apps out there. You can easily find a speech to text app for both Android and Apple products. You can also find a free speech to text app for pc. One of the many apps out there is Talk to Stranger.

This is a chat app that has several chat rooms. This application is basically a platform where people from different corners of the world can come together for befriending one another by participating in chat rooms that discuss different topics.

Here are some features of this app that you should know if you’re planning on joining it:

  • You don’t need an account on the web app to use it. You can either register with your email or use it without registration.

  • There are many chat rooms based on different topics. You can participate in many at one time.

  • There is the text feature, live chat, voice call, conference call features that are also available. In fact, there is also the option to cam chat.

  • You can play games on this site as well as read quotes, jokes, and facts.

  • The app is completely free and is available on PC as well as your smartphone.

Moreover, here is a glimpse at what you can expect from the voice the text feature of this application:

  • It enables you to convert voice recording to text online for sending as a message.

  • You can switch between typing texts as well as transcribe voice recordings to text freely.

  • Using the feature is simple and doesn’t require you to edit your recorded and automatically text converted message much.

So, if you are looking for the best voice to text dictation app, Talk with Stranger is one app to consider.

In what language can you use the voice to text feature?

Talking about Talk with Stranger, voice to text feature converts your spoken words into text messages so that you can conveniently send them to your friends without having to use your fingers or even bend your head while using your device. For using this feature, you must speak in plain English so that the converter is able to transcribe spoken words into messages.

You only have to take care of two things. These are:

1 - Clarity

Speak in a clear way so that the automatic voice to text converter is able to decipher what you're saying and note it down. If your voice is unclear, the words you speak will not be transcribed as they should be. Instead, you’ll notice that you've spoken one thing and a completely different thing has been noted down.

2 - Pronunciation

Secondly, be sure that you pronounce each word very clearly and correctly. Sometimes what happens is that your local accent in which you speak English is very different from what the converter is able to understand. Again, when this happens you speak one thing, but another thing is noted down by the application. This completely ruins the purpose of the voice to text feature.

You might be wondering why this application doesn’t convert words spoken in another language into text messages. After all, is not this app for people in different corners of the world? Well, English is a language that is widely understood, and most people are able to speak, which is why this converter is basically an English speech to text one.

Perhaps with time, the platform would introduce other language converters as well. Until then you will have to speak in English. It is also likely that you will not need a converter to transcribe your spoken words from another language. Your friends online from different parts of the world will probably not be able to get your local language.

Does the voice to text feature cost?

On Talk with Stranger, you're not required to pay any extra charges for using any features. Most apps would require you to upgrade to use more features for which you will need to pay. However, this is not the case with Talk with Stranger as you are not required to pay any extra charges or play any games to upgrade for using the latest features like the voice to text messaging one that we have introduced.

You can conveniently use this application, whatever features you want to make use of from voice calls to the voice to text feature or conduct conference calls, you can do so for completely free. This is what sets this application apart. In fact, not only can you use this application for free on your personal computer you can also download it on your phone for more convenience and that too wouldn't cost you any money.

After all, there is no point paying for an application that offers the features which you can actually get for free in the modern internet-fueled world. If you're interested, you can try this feature out and see how it goes for you. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can continue with texting instead of converting your voice to text messages.

Want to get started with using the voice to text feature for connecting with people based in different corners of the world? Download Talk with Stranger now on your phone or head to the website to get started with making new friends online!

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