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Talkwithstranger is an international platform based on chat, text chat, video chat or cam chat. TWS is a free for all chat portal where you can chat as much as you like. There is absolutely no requirement for sign up, registration or login to chat with people, although people who like to chat have come to love this platform and decided to stay with us as members. Users can enjoy random chat or random video chat instantly with other users without registration or lengthy sign up processes. You even have the freedom to enjoy anonymous chat with random people without disclosing your name, identity or gender. At TWS we have an ever growing community of users who have made TWS a fun and lively place to be.


Public Chat - Global Chat

Public chat room is one of the most popular of chat rooms available to chat with strangers online at Talkwithstranger.com. The aim of public chat room is to have a dedicated chat room that can be used by multiple users for chat and chat related activities. We also have a global chat portal for users from all over the world to connect with other users online. An open chat room gives its users the benefit to join in an ongoing conversation and participate in the general discussion. This approach gives any user access to an open audience, thus extending the reach of their messages to multiple users at one time.


Mobile Friendly Chat

Talkwithstranger is mobile friendly and works fine on android phones, tablet or an iphone. Our mobile chat rooms are responsive and able to adjust around your mobile phone devices or any handheld device. You can download our app from here to access all the chat services at TWS on the go, and use any browser for free access to Talkwithstranger and meet new strangers online. We have free gaming chat rooms for discussions, chat games and fun multiplayer games like Adventure Time and Bomberman for our users to play with friends. Talkwithstranger has numerous fun chat rooms to meetme chat and meet new people from around the globe. At TWS we also have private chat which is free for all users. Chat random people, chat with strangers, talk in private chats, send videos, pictures and audio files for free.


Chat has been one of the oldest modes of communication for most people especially the younger generations who prefer this over other methods of conversations. Chat is a quick reply based communication setup where anyone can chat by typing whatever they wish to convey to the other party. Public chat is a public group for people to chat with each other, exchange messages, participate in discussions and have fun chatting with each other. Users can play social games as well as chat games with other online users or they can find other chat related activities on talkwithstranger.com as well.


The public chat room is famous for heated discussions among a group of people on a specific subject. TWS users can play social games with each other, against online users or alone just for the fun of it. Many users are playing these games and chasing the highest records in order to get their names on the top of the hall of fame. You can find yourself players to play with or against in the public chat room and also discuss news regarding the latest upcoming games. Another benefit (or nuisance for some people) is that anyone can join the public chat room and discuss the matter at hand publicly with the active users in the chat rooms.


Public chat room as the name suggests is a public chat room, where you can come to chat with the general public available on the internet. Public chat room can be used to reach multiple users who are online and are using this chat room to make themselves heard among the masses. This chat room is an excellent choice for users who wish to consult or discuss with other users online. Public chat enables its users to spread a message among maximum number of online users in the public chat room with a single message. Multiple users can reply to a single message, question or query which then translates into a healthy exchange of information between a group of people in the public chat room.


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