Match Solitaire (A Solitaire Game inspired by Mahjong)

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Twirl, twirl, twirl, undo, repeat.

We’re talking about how the girl sitting bored across from you in that bus ride was probably twisting a strand of her hair. Quiet and lost in thought, not knowing that there are many ways she could have spent her time in a fun way.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Say while patiently waiting for your turn at a clinic or while waiting in your car for a restaurant to bring your takeaway? There are so many better ways you can spend your time at such moments other than just sitting and thinking your time away.

Thinking too much is also not good for your health, even though you are merely using that brain of yours. You see when you think too negatively you land yourself in stress. When you think too positively you enter the territory of daydreaming, which can be heartbreaking in the long run.

So, what is it that you can do instead? Something that can refresh you in these little breaks? You can always play a good old game of match solitaire on your mobile phone. Don’t have any buddies to play along with? You can play by yourself or with a bunch of strangers, interested in the same game, available on a chat website.

What is match solitaire you ask? Solitaire is a card game that has become increasingly popular on computers. You can play it by yourself or with other players. These can be the people you know in person or some pals from the internet. You can also play the solitaire game with complete strangers.

The fun part is that you don’t have to pay for playing this online game. You can get solitaire card games for free on chat sites or even elsewhere on the internet.

Why should you play solitaire games?

Solitaire mahjong is a great game for people of all ages. The reason behind this is simple - it boosts your mental health. Card games stimulate your brain by making you make use of it. The same goes for word games like hangman.

Apart from young adults, even older adults should play the solitaire game because of this reason. With age, cognitive decline occurs. You need to hence, put in more effort to sharpen your brain. One way to do this is by means of playing brain-boosting games such as free solitaire.

It’s even better when you make the game more challenging for yourself by playing it with multiple ace players. Players you don’t know the techniques of. How can you pick and choose whom you should play your match solitaire with? By means of using a chat site and asking only efficient players to join you in the online game room.

Why should you play solitaire mahjong online on a chat site?

There are several places on the internet for playing the solitaire game. Solitaire online can be found on social media networks, Google, in your apps, and on chat sites. Why should you pick the last option, that is, start solitaire play on a chat website like Talk with Stranger? Here’s why:

1 - You can play with different players

Sure, you can play match solitaire with the computer on various difficulty levels. However, that is no fun as you are not playing with real humans. If you’d rather play online solitaire with real people, you can participate in a chat website.

2 - Befriend the people you play with

Another perk that chat websites offer is that you can become friends with the people you play solitaire card games free with. It happens a lot of the times when you play games online such as the snake game or match solitaire, that you become friends while playing.

After all, you dedicate so much time to playing a game with these people, sometimes hours on end. You may want to get to know these people online as well. On a chat site, you have an easy route to connect with them.

3 - Play games online with the same people

Just like you can befriend people with whom you go ahead for solitaire play with, you can also ask your online pals on a chat site to play with you. Whether you become friends before or after match solitaire, you can play with the same set of people over and over again.

Other than solitaire card games free and other online games, there is so much more to do on a chat website. As mentioned above, you can also befriend the people you play with. How can you do that though? By means of text chat.

Apart from enabling chatting online in chat rooms, you can also make online free voice calls as well as video calls. Since the feature is of live chat, you can immediately decide on a policy for playing online games and then go ahead and start the game you all have decided on playing.

Why should you play games online?

Whether you decide to play mahjong solitaire online or on board, that’s completely up to you. However, playing games online is a great way to first learn the game and then play it in person. Online, you can play solitaire for free. Otherwise, you have to purchase the card game or borrow it from another person.

So, you have your first reason which is that online games are free. You can also get another reason from above which is that online you first get a platform for practicing your hand at the solitaire card games free. Next up, online games are also better because they are convenient. If you have a backache after a long day at work you don’t have to sit to play with a bunch of your folks.

Just rest on your bed and easily play on your smart device by logging into your chat site account. While at it, you can enjoy other cool activities as well. For instance, on our website, you can participate in solitaire play as well as read funny jokes, quotes, facts along with making friends through texting and calling.

Bored right now? Hop online on Talk with Stranger to enjoy a session of match solitaire!

How to play Match Solitaire?

A new Solitaire game inspired by Mahjong. To play tap matching cards to remove them from the table. The suit does not matter so a card can be matched with any other that has the same number. For instance 5 of hearts can be matched with 5 of hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades. Play is continuous - if you run out of moves the cards will shuffle so that a move becomes available. There are 50 levels in total.

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