Life after death/meaning with life

  • I often wonder what is there after we die. If there is anything at all. And if life on earth is supposed to have a meaning which could make sense after we die. What is your take on this? 😊

  • @criss388 'life is not a resting place. it is a testing place' (meaning that you are tested of your deeds in this life, and the Afterlife is where you truly will live, but technically you choose where, Heaven or Hell, because of your deeds)

  • @criss388 after life theory? If we talk about religion, we will share about heaven.
    I think i will not share such things since i never imagine that. Are you scared of death?

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    @criss388 In religion its heaven or reincarnation but according to science it's just pitch black. So it depends on your beliefs and you should enjoy every moment of life 👍

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    @G-A Everyone is scared of death until you're some type of soldier. Mostly to get rid from fear of death people become religious but I think it's better to follow religion for ideals.At last it all depends on you Karma.So do good things my friend like helping poor and many other things 👍

  • There is an endless life for everyone depending on their beliefs and deeds and whats inside their hearts .

  • There isn't a single creature on earth which hasn’t its purpose. Even after there death in this world they serve there purpose as well. As human being, being such a great creation with talent and intellect indeed there is a purpose as well and would like to discuss it briefly. Just imagine someone has failed to get to know and work upon the purpose of life in this world and stood in front of God, how embarrassing situation it can be? The on who created you, you didn’t get to know him in an entire life and didn’t serve his purpose. So its better to get to know it before last breath. Anyone want to know about the after life knock me, hopefully I can convince you with proof, logic and intellect. Thanks.

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    @criss388 people sleep for hours and it doesn't hurt them, that's how death will be like, infinite nothing that you won't be around to perceive. Imagine it to be like the time before you were born. And as for the meaning of life, I don't think there is any in the larger scheme of things. That's not to say you should just waste your life, you need to give your own life a meaning.