I'm 15 and i've painted this... but i am unsatisfied

  • I think this painting is pretty good . I'm not boasting or anything.But still...it is not my own creation. I made it by seeing another painting .. and that makes me really sad and i feel like a cheater. I feel low for myself like i am not good enough and that i am not creative . No matter how hard i try the thought comes to my mind that i am not worth it and will never succeed......someone please make me feel better.
    <img src="content://com.samsung.android.memo/file/d0109ed9-25ae-4584-0000-0165966f875d.jpg " orientation="90" altText="null" width="484" /><br>

  • Any artists start by drawing based on reference photos and drawings. I wouldn't feel bad about it. I think the main difference is when you're merely using it as a guide (because you like the style or other elements) and claiming as your own original piece. If you need someone to talk to about it, I'm all ears. :)