• They are slaving you right now!
    You fools They are slaving you. Of course they don't want you to think about it this way. They changed your perspective you fools. These days they don't call it slavery! They don't want you to be alarmed! They call it something nicer " Money". Do you even know what money is? In the past people used to trade by exchanging stuff after that they came up with money. A lot of different items used as money and the most famous items you may know it is gold and silver. After that they came up with banks to protect your money from thieves for a small fee and they give you a piece of paper as a proof that they got your gold. Over time this paper became what we know today as money.

    Did you figure out what's wrong with that yet? THEY PRINT MONEY!. paper's are not rare like gold. Using it will create a lot of issues. One of those issues is that they can print money as much as they like and if they did that the money value "dollar" like example will go down and the prices will increase!. That's not the only problem! Other governments can print dollars if they have enough experience. And worst of all is that they can control you using this useless money. Whenever they decided that you need to work more and rest less they will simply print more money. Actually they are doing it right now! I promise you if this system kept going the prices will keep increasing overtime and you will need to work more hours then before while they enjoy living like masters!