What's the best way to get over your ex that you still love

  • Everytime I see the pictures or videos I had of her, I feel so depressed and uneasy. Thinking about how good life was back then with her makes me feel even worse and I cry by myself sometimes thinking about her. She is so beautiful and meant the world to me and for a long time I thought we were soulmates and we're meant to be. I just can't get her out of my head and when I do get her out of my head I feel so empty inside. I feel like a loser, like I didn't accomplish anything in life, like I'm a failure. Here I am online on some random website trying to get help from strangers hoping that I can get better. I don't expect any responses and this whole message is probably gonna sit below a million other messages so I guess I'm writing this to myself.

  • hey! i understand what you're going thru...i met this amazing guy a few years ago, but we broke up, and he left. i miss him a lot...i saw him the other day and will see him again on tuesday. but something to keep in mind is that our memories are always blurred, tinted by the emotions we feel and felt. i tend to overromanticise the past...i'm not sure if that's something u can relate to, but that happens a lot when looking back on previous relationships. but if you know in your heart that you love her and she loved you and you were meant to be, i'd say reach out to her! go for it! but if, deep down inside of you, you know it's not meant to be, then cherish those memories. hold on to them, remembering them in peace, not in bitterness or guilt. be thankful that you had those times, but learn to embrace the fact that you will never be able to make new times with her. and then let it go. stop wishing to go back, stop hoping for her to reach out. learn to love "now", because right now is such a beautiful time.

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    To get over it is to get over it

  • @rebelw-acause Thank you so much for understanding. This really helped a lot and I wish you all the best

  • @Joe1452 It's sad to live in the past , I know sometimes it's hard to forget and move on , but the fact It just happened 🤷‍♂️what comes next is on you . If you love and care abt yourself you should be strong and accept . It will never be the end of the world if you think abt it .

  • stop caring, i know it's hard but you have to. Hang out with friends and most importantly get to love your self. Breaking up with someone isn't a bad thing just take it as a breakthrough to meet new people and find out your flaws and affection should be accepted by you and not love. Hope this helped

  • All your responses to this gentlemans difficult situation are so thought out, supportive, logical & kind. Although I'm not in the exact situation, your responses helps me greatly too, to know others in
    this world have issues in there lives too, that I'm not alone. Sometime you get lost in your own thoughts & you need to be told your worthy in life, that your not useless & this anonymous chat forum can be life saver, because I'd never talk to anyone about my current situation. My wife is having an affair, she knows that I know, she's ashamed but can't seem to end her affair because the affair partner is romantic & can say all the things she wants to hear, unlike me, I'm a loner, withdrawn & introverted, so can't blame her too much. Worse is I can't seem to make myself leave her, the love still seems to be within me, but I could be over romanticising the past as you say rebelw.acause. Please don't judge me & definitely not my wife, life is never black & white, I just wanted to express my thanks to the responses that you proved to the gentleman & also my own thoughts.

  • @Joe1452 unfortunately many people do not understand depression... most of the time that people suffer from depression feels like there isn't much they do to manage it .... mate avoid the worst put safety first..... you must avoid the word " depressed " and " depression " might be accurate description of yo mental state ... each one of us have gone through ... listening to music's won't let yo depression go away.....will make ya even more worse....we have to go through this pain its a part of our life....don't lose your hopes...maybe the best yet to come!!!! Have a great life ahead!!!!! ❤

  • Thanks Joe, really appreciate your response, although our situation is different, the pain is the same. Take care mate

  • You dont, just find someone that makes you feel like you didnt understand why you were in love with the last

  • Thank you all of you for the wonderful and comforting replies. I am also sorry to hear about the situation you're in @Doc2.0 and I pray that your days get better! As for me, I have been recovering really well the past few weeks and it rarely bothers me anymore. I once again thank all of you for the help and support on this random website I found on google and for taking time to write a reply to help a stranger. I wish all of you the best of luck in your future endeavors!


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