• Maybe it was just a short term relationship, that lasted for 2 years. But too much frickin memories.

    dunno what i felt, everytime i asked my friends that i was being gaslighted, but I'm always denying. I'm pretty sure every problem that we've faced is because of me and i could've done better to resolve it. I admit i've been so stupid and spineless, after that one problem (that could've been easily avoided and not as big as other couples have, probably), she's just changed, at the exact moment.

    For the last 4 months I've seen the proves when she abandoned me sometimes, texting with another guy, flirting. like knewing that this relationship goin nowhere and she can leave whenever she likes. God, i know that this relationship has become toxic, not healthy at all. i'm also aware that i'm a dull person, but deep, deep somewhere in my brain, that i could still fix all of this.

    Or am i just being stupid? to many precious memories with her that change my personality to be better, it's actually REALLY REALLY HARD to let those things go all away. Is it really impossible to bring her back the way she was?

    hoping that i'll get my closure real soon.
    Thank you so much guys.
    Sorry for poor english, still learnin hehee

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    I know its difficult and can be confusing to deal with that. Which I why I really feel for you man! I know it sound stupid but... everyone has their own stories and lives, which is why some random stranger online, like me, can't fix to your problem.. But what i can tell you is this, you can never be alone but you can be by yourself. You need to give yourself the advice that YOU think you need, no one else but you. Heart break is hard, I understand. It might even take a long time for you to get over her but it makes it even longer when you hold on to the past.

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    @Axtonishing-wowie Well, there's plenty of fish in the sea and how far a good fisherman stretches the truth depends on the length of his arms. I also have a hook if you like🤣🤣🤣

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