• My aunt and her husband has a 2 month old baby girl.The husband is always busy. Well, I understand that he’s busy because of work but I just don’t understand why he doesn’t want to hire a babysitter or a maid for his wife. She is literally having the most difficult time of her life since the daughter is very sickly and is in and out of the hospital. Her wife handles everything at home alone. To us, it seems like the husband doesn’t care about the baby. It is so frustrating. He is very stable financially but he does not put in effort for his baby. In all honesty, our family does not really approve of her husband. Ever since she caught him cheating on her with Thai ladies while he was on a business trip, he lost our trust. And now this problem with the baby. How do we sit this man down and lecture him about his wrongdoings? Any suggestions on how to do it?

  • @your1ofakind
    sounds like he doesnt love his wife and has disowned the baby. Could be he wanted a perfect baby, not some sickly child, and cant bond with it now. Could be alsorts of reasons why he doesnt love his wife, as the saying says, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors, and, it takes 2 to tango. Offer your energy where it can do the most good, to the cousin and her child. Tell your cousin to collect as much data as she can about his finances because this marriage is doomed. Thoughts and well wishes to the baby.

  • @your1ofakind just tell him so that he knows about his wrongdoings. it's not easy to take care of a kid especially if that kid is always sick.

  • That is so frustrating to hear that a father couldnt care less about his child. If that's the case it's better to separate ways because he also had history of cheating with other women. Or maybe you could be the one to hire a babysitter and let her husband knows. I'm sure you would hurt his ego because you care more than he ever was.


  • @your1ofakind I think at some point in his life he will understand the value of his wife and his baby. Otheewise you can make understand by beating him in front of his wife.