• I recently came to start watching The Vampire Diaries....
    Sooooo addicted it's unreal (haha, like the Vampires).
    I had already seem The Originals, but never thought to look into the Diaries.
    And to think I used to love watching True Blood... lol

    What's your thoughts peeps?
    Do you have a preference?
    Talk to me

  • @shaun-durwin I've watched True Blood before, and I love vampires, but I never rly got into any other vampire shows...weird. But honestly I don't keep up with any show or genre, other then Criminal Minds😅😅

  • @shaun-durwin 😅😅I watch the net flix a lot, well I used to but I feel like I watched everything in interested in. So I won't be watching anything new, other than new seasons of Criminal Minds😅.
    I hope you find more on the net flix than I did, and if you do watch Criminal Minds, i hope you enjoy it😊

    I heard Gotham was good though, has it been on awhile..?🤔🤔 I need shows to watch😅

  • @jaz3337 hehe , cool ... Never seen Criminal Minds.... but it might be one I have to look out for.
    Regarding shows... a few months ago I found this thing :thinking_face: Ummmm...
    I think they call it the net flix lol ... Since this finding, ( Idon't do live tv except Strictly :O and even then I'm happy for catch-up).
    The only show I keep up with is Gotham :D
    I also came across an Amazon Fire Stick cheap... like real cheap. Once my net is sorted and I have exausted the net flix ..... I shall hit the jungle of the streaming world hehehe ;)

  • @jaz3337 Gotham is an amazing show. Series 5 is due out next year, and from what I have read it will be the last. :O :(
    Going back to when Bruce lost his parents and building on that as a starting point... it just get's stronger and stronger as the episodes pass. The whole thing is based more on the journey of Jim Gorden, but seeing some of the characters grow and develop... WOW! ....
    Robin Lord Taylor plays the Penguin fantastically, and Cameron Monaghan as The Joker beats Jarad Leto hands down .... I would even go as far to say that he plays the role as good (if not better) than Heath Ledger did.
    Haha, I could go on and on lol

  • @shaun-durwin oooh😮 that sounds interesting😊😊
    I appreciate any show that shows character development, I'll for sure check it out😊

    I feel like Criminal Minds also has character development, which explains why I kept up with it 😅😅
    And as the seasons gone by I think the viewer becomes more emotionally attached to all the characters, especially if a case directly targets one of them...
    Anyways thanks for the recommendation and overview of Gotham😊😊

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