• My 25 year old son is set to tie the knot next month. I’m thinking about giving him and his wife the best gift. Some of my friends suggested about giving them a house and lot. I can’t since my son has already acquired himself a new house. This is because of his hard work! My husband, on the other hand told me to find places they might go to after the wedding. A good place for their honeymoon! My husband is making things simpler! So, I searched for one and found a marriage tours suggesting a lot of places for a newlywed couple’s honeymoon. One of those stood out - the Maldives. What do you think? Is this a good place for them? I’m also open for some suggestions about the best gift I can give for my son’s wedding. Thanks!

  • @willoww haha

  • @proudmom for me i think the best gift you ever give to them is to guide and encourage them to do all good things. help them to adjust for thier new chapter in life.

  • To all mothers that their son getting married can you please give me an idea what is the best gift to give?

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    @proudmom I'm not a mother nor I have a son that's getting married but in my opinion I think you should get him and his fiancé a gift that's has a meaning behind it, like a personal gift, something that he will treasure it and will love the idea behind it of the gift you brought but the place you recommended isn't bad either. I believe any gift you give to your son, he will appreciate your effort and you generosity as a proud mom.

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    @proudmom condoms. Bcuz they want to enjoy themselves but bebes suck

  • condoms, unless you a grandparent..........

  • @proudmom Any gift will do as long as it came from your heart. It's not the amount of the gift that matters but the meaning of it. But I guess you have the budget to gift that Maldives vacation. Why not? Who doesn't want a Maldives vacation? It's like heaven on earth.

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