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Movie and TV Buffs exist in a culture all on their own, and that's why we've dedicated this part of the community entirely to them. Here we'll be discussing movies & TV shows, new and old.

  • Call Strangers - New Voice Calling feature on TalkWithStranger

    Fast Voice Calls With Strangers by TWS!

    Can you all try and let us know your feedback, is it working good for you all?

    Please share your tips here.

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  • RE: Any of the Devs online??

    @Amora143 we are looking into banning this.

    Can you email us [email protected]

    With exact screenshot, video of the problems and the page url and links on our email.

    We need to identify people are uploading bad content using videos or they're sending links so please send us as much detail as possible on our email so we can take action immediately to stop it.

    Your help is hugely appreciated.

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  • Looking for a foreign

    Chinese New Year Happy Lunar New Year GIF

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  • RE: things that aren't doing the thing | STRANGEST LOOP

    @AshK what I said 😔

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  • RE: things that aren't doing the thing | STRANGEST LOOP

    @AshK 'thing'

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  • RE: Do you read or not ?

    @AshK said in Do you read or not ?:

    Well recently I finished "my Geeta". And after few days of struggle started "super intelligence". The struggle coz I didn't planned well enough for next book.
    I believe reading should be boring and hard to aquire for beginners. Nowadays there r a lot of distractions for humans, that is why lots of people find reading hard n boring.

    Once in a while reading a “boring book” is fine, but why waste time reading something if you don’t enjoy yourself when doing it?
    Although for me when I read a book I often picture it like a movie rolling in my head, but I heard some people can’t picture things in their mind like that. Might be why some find it more boring than others

    My battle is to be good at this boring task. That's y indulge myself to read audio books. Plus it makes me imagine the scene from my perspective. After reading "the giver" I found there is a movie based on it. I didn't like it after watching trailer. Coz I have imagined the whole story and it was perfect for me. Same with the midnight library and the stranger .
    Since it's nnn I am trying to read non fiction lol. Just remember I could have pick the sapienes.

    Many fiction books out there can teach you just as much as some non fiction, but in a more entertaining and memorable way.
    Although yeah, it’s probably better to read a mix of both. I should probably read more non fiction, but there are so many fiction books I wanna read first. 😅

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  • RE: Do you read or not ?

    What’s your latest read then @AshK ?

    For me I’ve always been a super big reader, but when I don’t have enough time I started listening to audiobooks of the books I read while doing other stuff. Probably doesn’t have all the benefits of really reading from a page, but it’s fun too. Then when i have time again I go back to reading the paper version.

    I’d recommend it too for peeps who really want to get into reading but might get bored or discouraged from a book, go find the audiobook and try it out before giving that book up.

    Only problem now is finding free audiobooks 🥲

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    @Itachi-0 If you would like to help us make it better, please email us all your details, CV, expertise and we may give you lot of work to improve the site. You can email on [email protected]

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  • Life update (I've lost count or I think I did this before?)

    June 14th 2023 is the day, I've moved in a major city for first time. Leaving small town and old home is certainly to take in, feeling of relief, mix of Sadness and Optimistic.

    I have no job yet.

    Oh yeah about the film. Bad news is My camcorder is no longer in use because small OLED screen is busted, and the camera itself is fine. I may have to improvise and cut down the filming. Honestly, This film will be incoherent thought out, no meaningful metaphors or any sophisticated ideas. It could be one of the worst movies in perceived memory.
    Still same deadline as before.

    Buzz cut. I do look better with it than having long hair.

    Journaling is something cool.

    Right now, I'm spending my time visit with my young brothers and Enjoying it every moment.
    Getting away from overprotective mother is real breather, I'm sure you will understand a few.

    I don't think ever getting a girlfriend in the future or may never in my life. There is too much confusion and idiotic hatreds are bringing in of "weight upon my shoulders."

    Thanks. Have a good day and good night.

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  • RE: NSFW topic !!!!!!!!! 😳

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