• Hey all! I need some input on Ukrainian women… I’ve been eyeing on singles tour package of

    A Foreign Affair to Ukraine. I’ve been interested in dating and marrying a Ukrainian woman

    for many reasons. And the biggest reason would be the fact that they are family-oriented.

    I want to be with a woman who knows to prioritize her family.

    On top of being loving, loyal and family-oriented, you can’t deny the fact that they are stunning.

    A complete package! But of course, their attitude is one of the most important things for me…

    so it doesn’t matter if they have all of those said characteristics but have a bad attitude or personality.

    So, I want to ask those who are with or dated a Ukrainian woman. How are they like in general?

    What are the things I should expect and are there things that are considered

    “common” for them that may end up becoming a deal breaker for most average

    American man? Please do shed some input on the matter,

    so I can decide whether it is worth it to purchase the single tour package!