• Can someone please tell me why us humans can be so cruel? I am made fun of because of the way i run, the way i laugh, how i sound when i scream (like a teenage boy going through puberty), how i grunt when i pitch at softball, and how i talk. Why? I am so sick of being torn down so others can feel better about themselves. Can't we all just lift each other up? There is something wrong if you feel satisfaction in making other cry. So please, think twice before you say things. Use that energy to help others. We all have compassion inside. Let it out.

  • it's easier to put people down than to build them up

  • @Vanie

    Usually, people that does that struggle with the same complex that they mock you with and they do that as a coping mechanism. Not healthy, not right but they aren't essencially evil, just messed up sadly...

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