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    This is a interactive poem. Sorta. I don't even fucking know anymore. Just two people, chatting online. Bold is the depressed girl. Italics-Bold is Sam, her friend.

    Hey Sam.
    Don't know if you're getting my messages or not,
    Maybe you're busy, or just ignoring them.
    But I feel depressed.
    And it's depressing,
    Feeling depressed, that is.

    I'm sorry, I didn't even realize you were messaging me.

    My mind is in a mess,
    My family makes a fuss,
    Over every little thing.
    Once again, mom threw her ring,
    It's tiring.
    Keeping up the facade,
    For the sake of others.
    I try and try,
    But it's getting hard to call my mom,
    My mother.

    Are you okay?

    Ya, I am.
    Just need to take a deep breath and a small step back.
    I need to look at all the facts.
    But continue to ignore the possibility,
    Of the likely probability.

    'Kay, I'm done.

    I feel like there's more. Keep going, girl.

    ... It's likely their going to get a divorce.
    And it's getting hard to ignore.
    The constant fighting,
    And it feels like I'm lighting a match under the wood.
    Kindling the fire and feeding it food.

    The hate I'm getting,
    Just keeps goings.
    Like eight days of the week.
    It will be my fault,
    Because I'm putting salt on the wounds,
    It seems.

    My mind and mentality,
    Are falling at the seams.
    At night I hold my head tight,
    And fight back the screams.

    Girl, it ain't your fault. Their just taking their problems out on you.

    The insanity of this house,
    Is pushing out the sanity.
    The line to reality is blurring,
    And I'm hurrying,
    To find the solution,
    Before the possible evolution.

    My problems add to their problems,
    And everything worsens.
    All because of me.

    You shouldn't blame yourself. It's their fault and their making it seem like it's yours.

    They blame me, Maiah blames me, I blame me.
    It all seems to point to me.
    The air is suffocating,
    And I can't fight free from the bindings of life.

    Pretty soon you'll blame me for our friendship falling apart.
    And my baby brother will blame me,
    For my art of trouble.
    My habit of causing trouble,
    Is disturbing and palpable.

    Even my dad says I desire to make drama,
    Am I really that bad of a daughter?

    I would never blame you for that, and you're an amazing daughter.

    Sam, every time we're together,
    It feels like we're growing farther apart,
    Like we can no longer connect at the heart.

    My mother already yelled she hates me,
    It's only a matter of time,
    Before dad says so too.
    Just like fate had planned,
    I'm through.

    Bloody hell, I'm crying. I'm helpless.
    Maybe mom was right,
    That night when she called me worthless.

    You're not worthless, and you never will be.

    Waste of space and undesirable,
    Unhelpful and the constant cause of trouble.
    Annoying and time absorbing,
    I talk too much and it seems,
    Wherever I am, there's always a fuss.

    Heh, things would probably be easier for me family,
    Hell, for everybody,
    If I was just gone.
    Though, I don't got the balls to end it all,
    But I could leave,
    Leave them all behind,
    And try to blind the constant pain,
    That it will inevitably bring.

    That’s not true. You are so awesome and fun to be around, and whenever I’m around you, my spirits lift even if it doesn’t seem like it. You are such an amazing friend, and if you go I go with you.

    Wow, I can't even leave,
    Or I'll end up dragging you down with me,
    Into a hole of misery.
    Why did I have to become so attached?
    I try to detach myself from the world around me,
    But then I realize it inevitability.

    Remember, after the storm is when the flowers bloom.

    After time,
    So maybe when I'm gone and through,
    The others can finally bloom.
    I'm the one bringing the storm,
    I'm the hypothetical thorn,
    In my family backsides.
    Luggage filled with so many downsides.

    Be better if I just whispered a final goodbye.

    No, Gabriella!


  • Too long, didn't read.

  • @spoofer heh, I didn't really expect anyone to, it was just something I felt like posting. Sorry it was too long for you, there have been longer ones on here.

  • @dramaqueen I didn't read anything which is drama-free.

  • @spoofer okay.

  • @DramaQueen

    Too long, but did read it. Nice effort!