Just ongoing thoughts , representing me n my life in way <3

  • The wish I had for you to stay, I know I was wrong to keep your words for everyday,
    Breaking the heart into pieces that's all you know,
    I don't even know what did I do wrong to deserve this curse's flow,
    People are just blabbering machine for me now, no one cares they just know how to use the words for their good and my fowl,
    I got nothing to even blame others,cuz I am no different just a being like another,
    I have my heart as a broken collection,it hurts even more to touch every piece just like a broken mirror with so much pain and need for ease,
    I am getting what I deserve and I hope others get what they do,
    Nothing matters seriously, everything that matters is me and myself,
    To prepare my mind for such people, I have to be myself and stop thinking about other people,
    The lesson with a hard path,to grow more and overcome the dark path,
    Just a beauty of life with pretty emotions,have a wonderful time with lots of happiness and no bad imaginations....

    People come people go , that's just the way of life , we have to just overcome this unhealthy attachments.
    Have a time you deserve πŸ’›