You call me to play,
    I thought I was a player
    but I am the game.

    You told me to stay
    after you call me lady,
    You grab me a star
    after you call me beauty.
    You step for another move,
    Oh you are good,
    I just simply follow your lead
    I was nearly fooled.

    You gave me every word I need
    You said you'll never leave,
    You made me think that it was easy to breathe
    Your goal was almost achieved.

    You call me to play,
    I thought I was a player
    but I am the game.

    Your mission was to steal one thing from me,
    I was still innocent, I still know nothing,
    I thought it was just a simple robbery,
    I never thought you wanted this heart beneath my chest that's beating.
    You step closer,
    Your eyes met mine,
    Then a snap turns the story,
    Your looks is the sign.
    I don't see sincerity
    but a deceiving eye,
    Beyond your smiles and comfort
    is a one great lie.

    You chose me
    cause you know I'm an easy prey,
    You hold me
    letting me feel like you'd really stay.
    I once fall from that charms
    but my alarms already roar,
    You thought I'd fall for it again
    No baby boy, not anymore.

    You call me to play,
    I thought I was a player
    but I am the game.

    Now I am awake,
    I am here to change your own play,
    Once before I am the game,
    but it's not your choice what character I should portray.
    I'm not a psycho,
    who'll seek for revenge and turn insane,
    But I'm a lover,
    who once admire the player of this game.

    In fact, I'll run and find a mirror for you,
    to help you reveal of what you've become,
    I'll even offer a map,
    to help you realize how far you've reached when yourself was gone.

    I'm not doing this all because I am kind,
    But because I am not like you,
    Yes you lie and nearly rob me,
    But I am a human unlike the way you grew.
    I won't promise I'll be gentle
    Oh I'll slap you hard while taking side with the truth,
    You need to face the consequence of your crime
    so this game won't be ending smooth.

    You started this game,
    and You'll be ending it,
    It will be rough for you,
    But it's you who fell to your own pit.

    Well good for you
    You find a good match,
    I'm the right game for you
    To make you and your thief self detached.
    Now move forward
    and don't go stealing again,

    No one's a winner, but you lose
    And this is how the game end.