• Freedom Writers

    You feel as if things aren't as wonderful,
    your world isn't as colorful,
    as you remember.
    Sometimes that's just your mind forgetting the embers,
    of passion you've had in your life.
    Right now you're just feeling strife,
    and you just need to express yourself.
    Don't worry about anybody else.
    You've forgotten who you are,
    and that realization can feel bizaare,
    but you just gotta go out and live,
    you don't have to only give,
    because it's OK for you to sometimes take,
    what you need and don't feel like you have to fake,
    what's bothering you.
    It's OK to if you just have to talk things through.
    And if things feel like they're getting rough,
    and you feel like you've had enough,
    don't let those feelings bide inside,
    it's OK to get help from the outside.
    You have friends and family that you can lean on,
    no matter what happens we'll never be gone.
    If you ever just need to talk and someone to listen,
    just know you can come to us to get you out of the spin.
    To take you out of the curve,
    and feeling you've gotten what you deserve.

  • @us-poet Good as always