• My girlfriend's birthday is in a few days and I wrote her a poem. (I have no idea why) Although I probably won't give it to her, I would like to know if it's any good in case I actually go through with it, so I'm putting it here to get some opinions on it.

    Many can say,
    in several ways,
    that you have changed my life for the better.
    rather than telling you
    what you already know
    how about I show
    our time up till now.

    The first time we met,
    I almost thought it couldn't be,
    and that my eyes were deceiving me.
    though I may have only been there
    because I lost a bet,
    I won a reward much greater,
    than what I could have ever imagined,

    Then, after the first time we kissed,
    your lips were all I thought about,
    the ones I can't live without.
    And as I fell for all to see,
    head over heals,
    for all that I feel,
    you're always there laughing with me.

    Even through the rain
    as we play our little game.
    I feel more love for you everyday.

  • @kyra-white Very Sweet❤️