If only the society sees the beauty in each color
    The world will be a garden full of hues.
    Roses will be greens and yellows,
    Trees will don purples and blues.

    If only all shapes would fit on one hole,
    There would be no more sizes, no more phase.
    Everyone could wear and borrow
    All will be in a perfect grace.

    If only the world knows no religion
    Everyone will be more welcoming and kinder.
    Believing the power of oneness.
    Worshipping the beauty of each other.

    If only there are no divides on the street.
    Every child will have toys only few can play
    And taste gold leafs on silver plates
    That only affluent fathers can pay.

    If only people would love passed by what eyes can see
    There will be no hatred to the freaks
    No homos or heteros to begin with
    That single fine line that streaks.

    But we are living in this imperfect world
    Run by the condescending and the arrogant
    Blacks are still negatives and superior are lights
    Plus sizes are epedimia and pity’s a grant.

    Instead of love, doctrines promote hatred.
    Death by hunger is a prevalent case.
    Discrimination over someone not like you
    Like a mouse and a lion on a chase.

    But this is not the end, people, not yet the end.
    There is still an answer in all of these.
    If people would raise one banner high.
    Love, hope, understanding and peace!

    Love, hope, understanding and peace!