• Freedom Writers

    I thought my life was complete,
    and there would be no more surprises to come,
    but then I was shown a new delight,
    when you entered my life,
    and shown through with your luminescence,
    a gem that washed upon my shores,
    to sparkle into my very essence.
    I couldn't fathom that there'd be someone so similar to me,
    and have the pieces I didn't even realize I was missing.
    The thing I'm looking forward to,
    is to just see you once again,
    to hear your voice,
    touch your skin,
    and just be close to you,
    to get another look at the glint that you've given my life.
    The worst part of my day is when you aren't there,
    because the anticipation starts to build,
    for when we'll be together again,
    but it makes me want you more,
    all just to get another chance to polish the jewel that you are.
    Although you are beautiful,
    the best thing about you,
    is the conversations we have,
    that can last all night,
    with your ability to shine into me.
    You're so kind and caring,
    that anyone would be lucky to know you,
    but to know I'm the one that you want,
    and having the attention with a perfectly cut jewel,
    makes me feel like the most blessed being in all of creation.
    Sometimes it feels like the distance between us is great,
    but you consistently know how to make me feel close to you,
    and get me ready for the next time I'll have the chance for your sweet embrace.
    My favorite thing is to make you blush,
    and I'm waiting patiently to the next time I get the chance,
    because I know I'll have you there to do it again,
    with the most precious of stones.

  • @us-poet I like this one.

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