• No, I didn't write this. Just found it meaningful, so wanted to share.

    Life Without the Sun - Pauline Morris, 2016

    What if dawn never comes
    No more bright light from the sun
    With no sun the moon won't shine
    In the total darkness will you lose your mind
    Will you be able to face your fears
    When your monsters are closing in and getting near
    Or will you keep running trying to out distance them
    Feeling like you have been condemned
    Or will your turn and face those demons
    And find the greater meanings
    Will inside yourself you find that gem
    Will you find where your darkness stems
    Will you be able to restart your spark
    And leave in this world your wondrous mark
    To show the world your true being
    To let the world know you are no longer fleeing
    To destroy your mask can be so freeing
    To banish the dark with the light that's inside
    Because that's what happens when you have nothing left to hide

  • @kaia_ ...And no more than this? 🤔

  • @Lazz You already know the answer, my friend.. It means no life. We wouldn't live to see it. But that small ray of light from your heart can do wonders

  • @kaia_ Look? No you can't see a thing without light. It's just darkness floating around. Basically it's like losing your vision.

  • @Lazz Nicely displayed the importance of light.
    For anyone to understand easily, with some of the things that's always around us, beautiful creation.

  • @Bill-Dhivid Yes that's right. Light and normal healthy eyes make all things can be seen 🙂
    I thought poems take many forms and not all can be viewed in the same way 😓 So difficult to understand..

  • Beautiful poem
    I'm dealing with my own demons for years yet i feel they are born from my pains sometimes i just feel them under my skin waiting to be freed

  • @kaia_ You see clearly, as always. The light you see is from you. 3 hours out, journey begun 🚗🚛🚐🚕🚙

  • I'm glad to see some people enjoying literary poetry. This poem just rememind me of when my roommate is gone. I find myself laying the dark alone and scared, lol.

  • @Lazz Life Without the Sun?? 🤨
    So the world would look different from what it looks right now, nothing else.

  • @kaia_ Meaning can be subjective, and open to individual interpretation. As with songs, pictures, etc... yes? 😊

  • @moonlit Psssstt...leave a little light on, at those times 🕯

  • @Pixel Let light shine 🌞

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