• Freedom Writers

    Some say it's a made up holiday,
    that it's a made up way,
    to cash out,
    and a pay day for the corporations,
    but don't let there alterations,
    take away from any meaning,
    that you aren't seeing.
    It's a day of love and romance,
    that you should spend with those you want,
    and only give if you feel the need.
    Don't close yourself to something wonderful like friendship,
    just because some people want to try to manipulate,
    and get you to fake,
    a smile and a nod,
    to those who'd try to obligate,
    you to anything you don't want to.
    You just need to feel the love in your heart and soul,
    let it grow to something special,
    and when you let others know,
    just what they mean to you,
    you'll realize the meaning of the day.
    Just know you are loved and wonderful for just being you,
    and after you've heard this little chime,
    I hope you find yours and have a wonderful Valentine.

  • Nice one! @US-poet 😁

  • It was amazing as usual 😄

  • @us-poet good as always

  • @us-poet aww that's cute and nice, it definitely makes u feel being loved, too bad I don't have anybody or time 😅