The spell of love

  • Freedom Writers

    I've been struck through and through,
    it's as if a spell has been cast on the substance of my very being,
    and it lures me towards you with every passing moment.
    My spirit has an attachment now,
    and I'm so glad the one to cast it upon me is you.
    You've conjured up every positive emotion at the same time inside,
    and I'm only at my full potential when you're around.
    An immediate connection from the hex I'm under,
    and I'm forming a new habit of dependence upon your presence,
    like my heart has been glamoured because you have me enamored.
    When you're gone I feel you still from this enchantment that I'm under,
    a wondrous opulence inside of me that can only grow,
    and fill me so much that there isn't room for anything else,
    all my affections point in one direction,
    that flow from me to you by your allure alone.
    This charm has placed a new appeal of allurement,
    a fascinating enticement that controls all of my motives,
    and tempts me to run to the finish line already.
    A seductive illusion that has me captive,
    and I don't want to ever let go,
    of the magic you've given me,
    because my new favorite fairy tale,
    is the one we're currently writing.

  • Whoever inspired these words in you sounds utterly amazing from just your descriptive words and clear need for them. They are truly lucky to have your attentions and affections. You are truly an inspiring soul

  • Freedom Writers

    @toxicharleyquinn I get inspired by life and I try to pass that on to others, and the place I find most of my inspiration is an extremely special and dear place to me.

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