My one true love Jim

  • Freedom Writers

    It was a late night again,
    as I always drink for the win,
    and continue to test my limits,
    with my one true love,
    the one I'll keep above,
    all else and who'll never let me down,
    as I attempt to drown,
    away my night with my dear old Jim.
    Sometimes I'll let his pals,
    Jack, Jose, and Johnny tag along,
    but there visits are never as pleasant,
    as that good ol' Beam.
    He always seems,
    to get me where I need to be going,
    and I'll keep them all flowing,
    until I've gotten to that sweet spot,
    of feeling and courage,
    that fuels me for the night,
    and sometimes he'll but up a good fight,
    but I win in the end,
    because I'll wake up for the next,
    time I'm feeling frisky for another round.
    My downs aren't as bad,
    and my ups swing to the beat,
    as I'll always feel merry while I move my feet,
    spreading my love to all that will listen.
    If you have a chance to tag along,
    Jim and I always love the company,
    as being alone is the most depressing feeling,
    so we bring some friends because it's more appealing,
    and we go till the morning,
    stumbling into our favorite diner,
    for some nourishment after spending that time with him,
    and my only remorse is I've run out of time,
    will my one true love Jim.

  • What did you do to him @Jimmy1708 ???

  • @lucifer_ lol...its not me

  • @lucifer_ its jim not jimmy..

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