• I wish I could ask Mr.Death if he enjoys his job.
    I wish I could ask the angels if rain is formed by the tears they sob.
    I wish I could ask God why he created this place.
    I wish I could ask to once again see his dear face.
    I wish I could ask the sun why she shines.
    I wish I could ask the moon if he likes his night time.
    I wish I could ask the universe what the point of it all is.
    Yeah, I wish I could ask all of this.

  • @babygirl95
    May we plea with Hel,
    that when we're gone she treat us well,
    ask the Valkyrie's,
    to sort out the worthy,
    and if I had a moment with Odin,
    I could find out where this all began,
    to get just one chance with Skoll and Hati,
    I'd be able to calm them down from eating the sun and moon that we see,
    I wonder why Odin had to slay Ymir,
    in order to create all you see and hear.

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  • @us-poet I love that!

  • @evan-elderson very beautiful work!

  • Poems these days be like

    stay together like a stack of pringles but sepreated like we kraft singles
    see life at every angle wind up seeing an angel eatin at bojangles

    met a girl today turns out she has shingles

    its hard not to get cought up in dresses and bangals

    when you attention span is as wide as a 20 degree angle

    money can buy you gold and mangoes

    roasted lamb and potatoes

    mmm mmm mmm a big burger no tamotes

    am just sayin tht i hope you know you cant live with out it but cant take it with you when you GO......MONEY

    poems be maaaad drawn out
    thats why i prefer rap lyrics
    P.S ever need some BARZ/lyrics HMU

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