• Freedom Writers

    There is one time a year,
    that it's going to be alright to cheer,
    for the sea of green,
    that comes into the scene,
    where games of intoxication,
    and celebration,
    that begins with a hearty meal,
    that will fuel us for the night,
    because any apatite,
    will get in the way of the festivities,
    since our activities,
    will go one till the early morning.
    As we come to our first destination,
    the true start of our celebration,
    a few shots before we depart,
    for the wonders of the port,
    that you'll be pouring,
    with all of your adoring,
    friends to help you be merry.
    The only requirement,
    is that you bee seen with that smile,
    and a green attire to prevent those hostile,
    pinches that would distract from another drink,
    because tonight we will sling back our shots,
    and although it looks like we're taking a lot,
    it's all in fun,
    for when you're with everyone,
    that's on the same mission of observing,
    the day St. Patrick brought us of preserving,
    our faith in each other,
    so tonight we'll raise a pint,
    and enjoy that dark delight,
    of heavy ale and black porter,
    that once it's done we'll all stumble home,
    to feel the buzz of what we've done,
    because a night done right,
    will leave you missing,
    what you've done in your current disposition,
    of cheerful inebriation.

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