• Freedom Writers

    Even though we just met,
    it's felt like I've known you forever,
    I can't get enough of our time together.
    I didn't know the meaning of eternity,
    until you met me,
    and every moment with you,
    is just a slow dance,
    a ticking clock,
    I never want it to stop,
    keeping my mind and spirits up,
    and with you I'm always on top.
    I didn't know the meaning of eternal,
    before you,
    something that can take me far and beyond,
    and I know it'll never end.
    I've never been this comfortable so fast,
    it helps ensures that I know this will last.
    I'm starting a journey that will last forever,
    and I don't know where it'll go but I know I never,
    want this to end.
    You see how good we mesh,
    how we just clicked,
    and how there's nothing that could get you to hate me.
    My favorite moments is how we talk all night,
    all day,
    about everything.
    I've opened myself up in ways to nobody else,
    and given you an insight to how I work,
    and I know you're always be my worth.
    If I ever had to pick one moment that would last forever,
    it'll be any moment that I've had with you,
    because you're so special too.

  • Wew nice one @us-poet 👌😁👌