• Freedom Writers

    Through all of the ups,
    when you feel like you're on the mountain top,
    and you never think it'll stop,
    but sometimes when,
    you meet the edge of that cliff,
    and you freeze becoming stiff,
    glaring down at the edge,
    feeling that low about to set to push you over,
    just look over your shoulder,
    because I'll be there for you.
    I'm going to turn you around,
    back to the safe ground,
    and we'll walk it back,
    because I will never lack,
    the amount of love, care, and tenderness,
    because for you I will use my gentleness,
    and touching guidance,
    to put you back to where you're right,
    as you activate my compassion.
    I'll grab the steering wheel before you go crashing,
    into the abyss of sadness,
    where you feel as everything's just going to fall apart,
    and you see all the broken pieces where you just think there are too many,
    I'll be there with the broom to sweep you steady,
    and the glue in my hand at the ready,
    to stick you back together,
    because my concern for you builds up it's pressure,
    the lower you get,
    and even when I'm low too I can put it aside the fact that I'm upset,
    as you access all of my generosity.
    For you I will be there with the ferocity,
    and tenacity,
    that you deserve,
    as your worth,
    is indescribable for what you mean to me,
    and no matter what curves are thrown in your direction,
    you'll have my protection,
    from the rejection,
    and turmoil,
    that can spoil,
    how wonderful you are.
    I know you'll find at certain moments,
    that some of your components,
    just aren't fitting together the way they used to or should,
    but for your good,
    I'll be there for you.

  • @us-poet That's really very very touchy tbh! I really really like it..

  • @dangerouswoman Why thank you, there is real meaning to the words being spoken.

  • @us-poet
    So my friend puts on Facebook that she wants a man to wake up next to her and fill like he won the lottery. I said yourbreally more like a scratcher

  • @us-poet aweeee aweeee aweeee aweee awee poiii alt text