• Freedom Writers

    You're so special,
    that just knowing what I mean to you makes me special too.
    A beacon that sometimes needs protecting,
    but a task that I will come up for every time.
    You may have some flaws,
    but those emotional claws just need some trimming.
    If I could take them from you,
    and bear them myself, I would.
    You don't think you're that pretty,
    but if I could give you my eyes,
    you would see all the lies.
    Your world is sometimes shocked by all the uncertainty,
    but I'll be your rock of stability.
    Anytime something gets you down,
    know that I'll always be around.
    You're something that is so dear and know that you don't need to bear,
    this world alone because you'll always have me as a shield.

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