• Freedom Writers

    I'm hoping my future involves less mistakes,
    repeating them is an option my heart can't take,
    I don't want to bring others pain,
    but if they get in the way,
    of what I need for my better,
    I'll just have to leave them behind to make my life richer.
    I hope I can find something new,
    because life deserves more colors than red and blue,
    but I'm sure it all gets better as time flows,
    you just have to get past a few scars that can impede growth.
    I hope I can finish something that I start,
    to have the motivation to finish before I depart,
    and I know it may happen now and again,
    but to have it happen less is where I want to begin,
    and eventually there won't be anything I won't follow through,
    before I move on to something new.
    I hope I won't be a disappointment,
    come up short as I'm trying to find my enjoyment,
    but I'm just going to keep doing my best,
    and in the end hope I'm someone worth being missed.

  • @us-poet This was beautiful wow ♥

  • i hope too now


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