• Freedom Writers

    There's a land that can only be reached,
    once you've laid down and entered a deep sleep,
    where you can run around and finally meet,
    those mythical and fabled beasts.
    The protector at the door,
    is the fierce manticore,
    a winged lion with that scorpion tail,
    that is just there to make sure all is well,
    and as long as you have the purest of intentions,
    he'll stand aside and let you in,
    where you can see the centaurs prance,
    those half horse creatures run at every chance,
    but if you're not careful you'll run into the venomous basilisk,
    whose stare alone is in itself a task,
    to avoid that serpentine monster,
    so just going a little farther,
    so you can reach the rainbow fields,
    because it's there that yields,
    the greatest chance to see,
    the unicorns of empathy.
    They are a the most cautious of all creatures,
    because they have the most coveted of features,
    that's the magic that makes up their every bit of dna,
    and it goes from their horn to hoofs,
    that if you disturb them the wrong way they'll go with a poof,
    so make sure you approach with only the purist of intentions,
    as they can sense what's inside you like they're looking at your reflection,
    and it's a privilege to just get a glimpse,
    but if you're good enough you'll get to commence,
    with the ability to pet one,
    and that's all you'll need to feel whole,
    as their empathetic energy,
    will give you the ability to see,
    whatever worry or cares,
    have been with you everywhere,
    exposing what's been bothering your soul,
    and expelling all of your woes,
    to the point you won't want to go,
    but it's them who leaves you,
    so make sure the time you spend with them,
    is used to the fullest,
    but pay attention to there promise,
    because they don't give those lightly,
    and if they must leave you'll be a bit weepy.
    In do time you'll see them again,
    because you've had the the chance to befriend,
    the greatest of the fabled beasts,
    leaving you feeling with a sense of increased,
    happiness as you must soon leave,
    but for your own reprieve,
    as your eyes open and you begin to awake,
    you won't remember anything just feel the wake,
    of the impression that was left on you,
    and just so you know those times you can't remember your dreams,
    it's because you were in the land where everything seems,
    to be like it's alright,
    so the next time you get the sight,
    of the rainbow land at night,
    you'll know it'll stay,
    with you in some way.

  • Wow, where did you learned to write like that?

  • @catwoman practice and listening to rap while I type.

  • @us-poet rap? Cool, i'll try it. Can you recommend me any singer?

  • @catwoman run the jewels, doomtree, ho99o9, macklemore

  • Freedom Writers

    @kimmy159 thank you. I'm sure you've been there and don't know it. I am a unicorn. I know these things.

  • @us-poet thanks, I'll write them down! :grinning_face: :grinning_face:

  • Music Lovers

    @us-poet - yes unicorn, u have got the power to take the reader to ur own world. I don't get words to comment on ur poems and making the same comment on every poem seems wiered. Keep going poet.