• Welcome to a new week, everyone. Offering up some more cool chillstep, tonight, in hopes of hitting that drifty, dreamy, sultry sweet-spot. Close your eyes... RELAX... and Dream on. Be well, stay safe :om:

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    @Lazz maybe u could do piano mext? Yanni, Alexandra Streliski, Ludovico Enaudi, and Nobuyuki Tsujii are all very chill artists. Lmk what u think :)

  • Thanks lazz 😊

  • Yall should try out shiloh dynasty

  • @χανιєя Relaxing piano, and soothing guitar. String ensembles. Pan flutes. All have their own vibe, and could turn up, one day. Good to have more input as to what folks might find soothing and calming, while most are still locked down. Thanks for suggesting!

    There's no end to the possible vibes. Have yet to venture into Dark Ambient, Ibiza, Deep House, and so many more sub-genres. :mask:

  • @Lazz Laazzzz, IT'S GOOD, MAN!! Loving it!! Keep the Vibe on, Bro! 🤩🤘

  • @Xx-chels-xX You're so welcome! Vibe on

  • @Audax Soon, possibly. I've been thinking I'd drift over to Asian Lo-Fi Hip Hop, one day soon, so that could work, as well. Keep your eyes on the Vibe Tribe & thanks for the suggestion :om:

  • @GreyWind Stay tuned...

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