• Drop SomEthing randoMm idc what is just drop!!

    to try and make this fun just drop the first thing that comes to your head

    ps: don’t be sexual or RuDE!!

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  • RE: Hey I'm Arjun reddy looking for Rajasthani girl

    Hi I’m new here need a guy to show me out

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  • RE: NSFW topic !!!!!!!!! 😳

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  • RE: recently just logged back in!

    @cyrusss i’m 19 and i can be your friend!! i’m a girl

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  • RE: Can Islam really teach ethics to anyone ? Think again.


    😂😂😂 It's like saying we play basketball and I am the referee hahaha stfu plz you made me laugh seriously .

    You should learn how to debate with the people, TM. A constructive debate always has rules. It is not your public chat where you can abuse or assert to write essays to shut my mouth up. You should not participate in a debate if you disagree with the rules on the first place. A debate is not a sport nor it is played, make common sense.

    I replied on each and every false thing you said with links and evidence from the Quraan and sunna ..

    What if I considered The Koran as legitimate source ? I will show why it does not change the argument. But ofc this will be mine last reply to you as you disqualified to yourself and I do not have time to answer what you write further. You always write what you want to and interpret any verse without citing a single weblink.

    now you don't wanna accept it

    Now or always ? It is written in the topic initially. Apparently, you did not bother to read the rules

    Treatment to disbelievers -

    "˹Remember, O Prophet,˺ when your Lord revealed to the angels, “I am with you. So make the believers stand firm. I will cast horror into the hearts of the disbelievers. So strike their necks and strike their fingertips.”
    "This is because they defied Allah and His Messenger. And whoever defies Allah and His Messenger, then ˹know that˺ Allah is surely severe in punishment."(8:12-13)

    Source - https://quran.com/8?startingVerse=12 (this is how someone writes if they have to post a source; they do not just write (8:12-13)). This is what a weblink is.

    "So when you meet the disbelievers ˹in battle˺, strike ˹their˺ necks until you have thoroughly subdued them, then bind them firmly. Later ˹free them either as˺ an act of grace or by ransom until the war comes to an end. So will it be. Had Allah willed, He ˹Himself˺ could have inflicted punishment on them. But He does ˹this only to˺ test some of you by means of others. And those who are martyred in the cause of Allah,1 He will never render their deeds void."

    Source - https://quran.com/47?startingVerse=4

    Public lashing of fornicators -

    "As for female and male fornicators, give each of them one hundred lashes,1 and do not let pity for them make you lenient in ˹enforcing˺ the law of Allah, if you ˹truly˺ believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a number of believers witness their punishment." (24:2)

    Source - https://quran.com/24/2

    Beating women -

    That verse is already mentioned in the wikipedia link I posted first. You failed to counter-argue after making 14 record posts. You did not even care to quote it. You brought your own assertions and then you tell me what I wrote is false.

    Also, the contradictory verses were written in the same webpage. You failed to even quote them as well.


    evidence from the Quraan

    You cannot even spell Koran/Quran correctly and you read it five times. Huh ?

    A forum like this https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/topics/extraterrestrial-intelligence is enough for you to think aliens exist.

    You failed to counter-argue over the conclusion of NCBI research -

    Conclusion: Saudi girls attain menarcheal age earlier than their mothers, reflecting a downward secular trend in menarcheal age.

    So, Mother's puberty age > Daughter's puberty age. In Ayesha's time, it was around 15.74. Do the math with Cuzick test for trend (0.049).

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