• Welcome to your Wednesday, world. And, while we're on "w" words, here, I'd like to talk about another one. Waiting. Which is generally defined as: "The action of staying where one is, or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens." If I may share a personal detail about myself with you, I've often been told I have the look of someone who is waiting. Even strangers have said as much. To be honest, I was never quite sure what to make of that. I admit, I'm still puzzled. And, though I can't really pin down precisely why or how a person could LOOK as if they're waiting, realistically, in one way or another, and at one point in time or another, aren't we ALL...waiting? At certain times and circumstances we KNOW what (or who or when) we're waiting for. But frequently we're not even aware. Just wanted to share those thoughts. Something to ponder. I'll end on that note. Time for some tunes. I appreciate you reading, and waiting. Stay safe, don't delay, make the things you strive for happen. :om: :peace: :heart: :notes:

  • @CocoLillian he does put a lot of thought into each one 🔥

  • @Lazz These are so cool and I can see you put a lot of effort into them :)

  • @Lazz I’m sad because it’s going to rain today and we were gonna do PE outside...😿

  • @CocoLillian don't be sad coco..all will be fine

  • Henlo Gang SPARTAN Music Lovers ♡ soul searchers ♡

    @Lazz Chill as beat man hoping to upload a couple myself later. Vibe on brother✌👌

  • @James-C-137 Still vibin' :grinning_face:

  • @CocoLillian Thanks for the kind words, and yes, at times these can take some amount of...thoughtful consideration. I hope you enjoy the words as much as the music :v::grinning_face:

  • @CocoLillian Try to not be too sad. Just wait a while, and soon you'll have sunny skies, again :pray:

  • @Furious_Duck Words and music. And, maybe some insight and inspiration, at times. I DO have a few "off" days, but I do try to make enjoyable topics :winking_face:

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