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    Heya! So to the people who this may concern, I’ve done a lot of thinking lately this past week. I originally left TWS because of my home problems and because I began to view TWS as a site that I felt obligated to return to regularly.
    I’ve come back from my little vacation with the revelation that I need to prioritize this unique moment in my life (in all of modern history) to bettering myself. I’ve gone summers just going through the motions and feeling like I’m not getting anywhere in my life, and I want that to change.
    To this end, I will be spending less time in TWS. I’m working out a whole schedule dedicated to furthering my life ambitions and TWS sadly falls into the “recreational use” category. I’m not leaving; you’ll just be seeing less of me.

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  • @QueeNeon Sounds fab! The way you describe it sounds as if your state isn't "cancelling summer" as some states recently have. Live, enjoy, experience, learn! Be safe though, and hopefully come back (now and again) with lots of pics and stories of your many adventures 😁

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