• just gonna share, umm lately ive been so quiet now compared before. Like i laugh more b4 than these days. Im distancing myself, not talking much with my current 'friends' (we're not on the same class btw) I also want to talk with my past friends but we can only chat and no physical contact coz we're not on the same school and they're too far. sigh i tried to talk with my classmates trying to maybe have some friends, but the problem is its kinda hard coz they have this circle already? and yah its kinda hard to put myself into their circle. Poof! now im so friendless rn (can i have some tips?) -- Im also planning to go to another school, live a new me, and maybe i can change my shyness and have some more confidence inside me. GUYS can i have some tips?

  • hmm you're right, i think i should join some extra activities.

  • Join a club or volunteer at animal shelter etc. It's easier to make friends if you have something in common and are into same stuff

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