What would you do if you were the President/Prime Minister of your country for a week?

  • Be realistic No kidding

  • @mr-niceguy make everything free for women and child

  • @devesh-sharma and what will that accomplish?

  • @wtfjudith good education and freedom for child and more power to women when there is male dominating society everywhere

  • Send FEMA to the border, reunite those kids and their parents, amnesty for those that exceeded visas but are not/have not committed a felony, go back to Ellis Island style of imigration policy. Hire more immigration judges (Currently they are hired and fired, not elected. One judge can have over 80,000 cases a year and can be fired for not keeping up. It's stupid and explains why actual citizens have been deported)

    Tell Putin and Kim Jong "no, the USA IS NOT friends with ahos that opress their citizens and political dissent so quit f**ing around with us and sit down for a real deal instead of watching us roll over"

    Tell Congress "Since Peurto Rico is American, make them the 51st state so they stop being jerked around"

    If the USA made these rich people rich then I'd raise their taxes so they pay back the favor.

    100% renewable goal by 2020. Don't stop issuing drilling permits. Flood the market so other countries depend on cheap US oil. Then, when we approach 100% renewable energy, cancel all drilling permits. When foregin nations see the price of oil jump from $50 a barrel to $300 a barrel then they won't let it happen again and will go renewable.

    Pour money into education.

    Pour money into science and tech.

    Pass a law saying "if your state makes nuclear waste then you must store it in your own state". That will change a lot of nuclear energy minds real quick.

    Require all law enforcement agencies to routinely undergo professional conduct training.

    Disban ICE, that's what we have the US Department Of Imigration for.

    Reaffirm Roe vs. Wae, sorry people, but a lump of cells smaller than a grape is not a human baby yet.

    Double funds for youth and family care "welfare" programs - not turn our back on the living breathing families and children.

    Socialize health care cost - if you go to the doctor for non cosmetic reasons then we will pay the bill for you. Limit how much the US will pay for medicine doses (insulin can be up to $200 a dose in the US but is just $12 a dose in Canada... We are being financialy raped)

    Tax Options transactions 1¢ per trade. That alone will raise trillions.

    Delist pot as a Schedule A drug, tax it, and hand enforcement to the ATF.

    Create a USA Internet firewall that can instantly cut internet traffic to/from any country that is deemed to be a cyber threat to the US.

    Embrace crypto currency (it's a lot like debit cards). Open a study to see if it's viable to create a US focused crypto.

    Raise minimum wage to $30 an hour by 2028.

    Remove minimum wage exemptions for service workers pay, farm pay, and any other class of pay (we are no longer the 1880s. Let's stop this working for tips crap. Every company panics over Yelp and Google reviews)

    Double NASA pay

    Stop fighting the Environmental Protection Agency because we DO want clean air and clean water.

    Raise education expectations. Kids should always graduate smarter than their parents, doing calculous and trig by the time they are 10 and speaking six languages by the time they graduate highschool.

    Provide funding for recognizing and addressing students with learning disabilities so they stop being mistaken as stupid and don't fall behind.

    Eliminate charter school public funds - today you can send your kid to a Catholic school. Tomorrow that school could be bought by an Appalachian Snake Handlers church and change what they teach your children. And we give these schools tax payer money dispite separation of church and state.

    Tax churches like businesses. If the money they make isn't going to charity or operation cost then it's profit. God doesn't need profit. The US is probably the only 1st world country that doesn't tax churches and lets churches abuse people's faith for the sake of profit. It won't violate separation of church and state because 1- all are taxed with the same rules, 2- profit is a business and not a church activity.

    Reinstate the glass-steagall ACT. Stripping it led to the '08 crash and it's being stripped again.

    On the 7th day I will rest. Then I'll see if you reelect me for week 2.