• Tired of everything can anyone tell How do u put out the feeling of helplessness.

  • I am sorry @yeshu, I cannot begin to give advice until I know in what way you're feeling helpless.

  • @yeshu Sleep.

  • @yeshu Without knowing some of the reasons that have lead you to feel this way it's very difficult to give you any advice.
    Some situations make it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. One thing is to look at some of the positive influences around you and try to use them to help lift your mood.
    Again, depending on what the problem is it is often good to consider ways to solve problems you do have, it's far better to try and be active in lifting your mood rather than to sit back and allow things to get worse. It can help if you progress on sifting through problems that you have, however long that takes. ....
    It's all small steps .
    You're welcome to dm me if you like to talk

  • @yeshu find something worth living for.
    Try to seek the help from God.
    Repent for your sins. Devote yourself to God. Amen!

  • @liliputian1 Ppl who love us r always greater then ppl whom v love. ! I live for them. If not myself to prove then right I should fight till my goal.

  • @mr_peanut most common prob in d world MONEY we had enough of it. N fate showed curves now the wheel of life is upside down. I need to push it up. Atlest fr ppl who love me n trust me tat I’ll prove dem right. Dey r the oly light rays in my tunnel who energise me to fight to my goals.

  • This is just a challenge to you that you can definitely beat. :)

    Appreciate every little things you had that some didn't have.. Try to look at life through the binocular of possibilities :). Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacles. Cheers to a happy life @yeshu problems are just a spice to our life , without it life would be so bland.