• Freedom Writers

    So I've refrained from using social media.
    I'll admit, it was really hard.
    Sometimes online, it's hard to prove I'm real.
    I get that not everyone will trust me right away and I'm fine with that.
    But it's a problem when someone calls me out of my name, makes false accusations, and uses ethnic slurs (that belong to a group that I'm not even apart of. He wasn't very bright.) to get across the fact that they don't trust me.
    Honestly, I'm sad about what human interaction is coming to.
    It's one thing to insult me to my face,
    but when you type words into a box that make someone feel small, that's not okay. Anyone agree?

    Sorry, I really needed to rant. I should start a rant blog or something lol. Anyway.. have an amazing day!

  • Please keep the fight alive, still got some popcorn left. Joking aside, this topic shows how immature you both are. Instead of ignoring each other or just stop talking, you had to make your bad experience public and you probably knew that the "troll" will even read it so it's more of a rude gesture. On the other hand, trolls show no empathy and don't ask for pictures so you failed on this chapter. It's her right to change her mind, if you don't agree with her decision, just move on, no need to bitch over the internet that someone refused to send selfies.

  • Lmao.....

    well he's right about that "troll" stuff, and yea, sadly that is how the world works, but the continuous attempts to justify such actions of offending someone in a relatively brutal manner by basically saying "that's just who I am" really doesn't do much. Whatever, though, you "genuinely don't give a [frick]" so all this really doesn't matter Ig... although you keep replying to her...

    still, doesn't matter to you at all. Just like you said.

  • @drewwy Looks like you are the one who wanted to do that since you were the thirsty pervert asking for that. Now grow up, "you are giving me cancer ffs" boi and maybe you'll learn to troll in the future.

  • Mhm, certainly agree.

    In short, it certainly seems that it is MUCH easier to offend someone/be offended via the online world than it is irl.

    Also, if there's ever a situation of distrust online, you don't need to go the extra mile to try to hurt the person unless they've done something REALLY messed up to you and you just can't help but to want to do something about it Ig.

  • Freedom Writers

    @drewwy I'd really prefer it if you were to stop chatting me. I can't say I respect anything you've said today. Also, you act like a child. Maybe a child that knows a few adult rated words, but you're unbelievably immature. I think you should learn how to handle yourself, but I can keep my opinions to myself. Have a great day!

  • @drewwy "That's how the internet works".... exactly her point. Shouldn't be an excuse unless it's all for the purpose of humor (but here, that doesn't appear to be the case at all).

  • Freedom Writers

    @drewwy I think it's important that you understand me. I'm not accusing you of anything. I mean sure, I'll make it known that I think the slurs and expletives are wrong. I'd say that to anyone. All I'm saying is that everyone deserves respect. And if you'd like to google photos to decide how much respect someone deserves, that's up to you. My only problem with you and the only reason I ranted is because you need a better way of saying "I don't trust you" Calling people names and being graphic isn't respectful at all, and I didn't like it.

  • Freedom Writers

    @drewwy I don't care if you apologize, and I'd really prefer not to have drama with you. I'm just communicating. I hope you have a really nice day and that you'll be done treating strangers like they're trash.

  • Freedom Writers

    @drewwy Have a good day 🙂

  • @drewwy "typing to a hoe."

    Careful there, you keep proving her points valid.

  • Freedom Writers

    @drewwy Have a... nice day. I'm trying my best not to be rude here.

  • @drewwy Fair enough, though you should know I got nothing against you personally. Like, at all.
    It's fine by me, go do your troll thing, it's just people are easily offended online due to this inevitable 'force of nature' in human beings.

    "Don't hate the sinner, hate the sin." - Alexander Luthor

  • @st-wolf lol you don't understand either. Literally I was gonna leave and never come back but then I see your tear dead ass replies. It's jut no point to be on here if you don't have any proof of being real. And she's playing the victim card so I mean suck her dick not mine

  • Why be sorry about the rant, it is the sad truth of humanity today

  • So would you like to be friends? because i dont have any anymore, all fake pieces of shit

  • Lmao don't take what I said seriously. Also, all your accomplishments/opinions I still don't believe, due to this being across the internet. It was unessecary for you to, "rant", was pointless.you couldve easily explained your thoughts to me, as I am forgiving and open-minded. Look, I come from highschool, okay. EVERY ONE uses social media in HS. Despite my attempts to try and refrain from using social media, it doesnt end. Props to you, although you could just be using that as an excuse.

  • @theblackgoddess you just don't understand. It's the internet. Imma a careless troll. I also have a university reading level. I read 400 wpm. I mean, I understand where you come from, but this is the Internet, and you have to realize that. You lied and said you didn't have time to email me pictures of you so I could google search them thoroughly, but apparently you don't have time LOL. Grow some balls, or take notes on the internet.

  • @theblackgoddess you're acting like some super sensitive freak. Literally no one cares. You are giving me cancer ffs. I show massive amounts of respect. I can agree, I may have approached you harshly, but it's THE FUCKEN INTERNET. You being petty doesn't help either. But the thing is, YOU said YOU could email me pictures of you for proof.Then you say, "I'm too busy". Clearly, that shows multiple signs of just over all being fake. You say you have no SM either, like are you gay. I'm to tired to waste my time typing to a hoe. Learn it for yourself in real life and online. Someday you'll see. Unless you're gonna sleep in your moms basement while blogging on some dead website every night holy fuck

  • @korglife17 I never tried to hurt them. That comes apart with me being a troll and most other trolls as well. We say what we want, cause we genuinely don't give a fuck. I used to run massive servers on discard (1500+ users) I know how shit works. But the new my computer broke. Honestly, define troll too. It doesn't mean it's always for humour. Often time it isn't. So jokes on yuh goodnight.

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