• Goodmorning to you guys in this beautiful day! Feeling depressed? Alone? Need someone to love? Are you good at taking care of someone? Get pregnant! The hell is the world up about for now? French people going crazy over fuel tax going up, fokers buy a horse or support Tesla, problem solved.
    A kid on YouTube makes 20+ milion reviewing toys, which is so ridiculous I'm not even gonna talk about it.

    But guess whos back with a brand new.. pokemon! One of the top notch TWS pokemon masters @heyitszoey is back in town, check out her latest captures! Next up we have @Katherinee whos on a new EMO level with her "THE WORLD IS DYING" and she thinks it's a fokin game, what an inspiration! And my complains have been heard, hallelujah! @Bela-Hella slaps a topic in my face with a complicated title that I had to read like 6 times to understand.
    Beautiful people all around us!
    Wish I could go in depth about @SoFa_king_Cody 's "Make a Wish....." but don't tell me I'm the only one who thinks there's a hidden message. Yea what can I say, I wish I'm wrong.

    Anyways, chin up guys, we all soldiers marching through life! Stay tuned and have a laugh at the late-night pervs and their willie wankin demons! We got this, peace out!

  • @Alte now on aire our all time disc jockey mr.alte.. 😂

  • Banned

    @Alte Lol no hidden message, just a popular game haha

  • @Alte I love these <3