• Good morning to you guys in this beautiful evening! I bet my a$$ everybody is preparing for tomorrow, but not me. So I just googled what Christmas exactly is, kind of had an idea but wasn't sure what's it about. And well, it's basically a birthday party, as simple as that. It's like an extra chance to get wasted if you don't have that many friends therefore not enough reasons to get drunk. So we all just gonna celebrate this dudes B-day. But you see im not like that, I am an open-minded person, and if I want to get drunk, I'm not gonna look for a special reason. I don't like limiting my self you know. Let's take a look at how much in the mood are you guys!

    @FakeSanta33 starts with something rather sad, as he feels like he will never get.. uhm find love. Dude it's a B-day party just get her drunk!
    @Bela-Hella posts a list of her favorite people, it's like telling your son you love his brother more. And I'm not included, I guess thinking about me 24/7 doesn't count, hurts, my Christmas might start in 27 minutes.
    @JessicaGrant also shares some love... for software... I think she's a pedo-file.
    @Firefly gives @Azriel a hint by describing his fantasies, but Az doesn't get it. If they are both males, I wish them the fate of @FakeSanta33.

    My joy for all these things is gone, life happens, but im telling you guys, don't freeze your heart, celebrate every damn day if you want to! Having a laugh together with people close to you... ain't that the shIt we live for? Still weird that it happens in someone elses birthday, but if you alcoholics so desperate, who am I to judge. The only thing I might do the next 2 days is hand out free condoms #SpreadTheLove!
    Oh and check out @pe7erpark3r 's post "How can it get more interesting", if you haven't already, I think this site can be improved, so why not put our heads together for a moment ey? Anyways, be safe guys, god bless you all and peace out!

  • @Alte r u lurker+hacker!!! ?

  • @FakeSanta33 No i uhm, have a computer.

  • @Alte I gotta agree with you, mate; baka @Firefly is terrible at giving clues :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • @Alte ugh... I guess. U r good observer too

  • @Alte said in Goodmorning Radio 23/12/18:

    @Firefly gives @Azriel a hint by describing his fantasies, but Az doesn't get it. If they are both males, I wish them the fate of @FakeSanta33.

    • Azriel is gay
    • I am gay
    • her fantasies*

  • @Alte You should be preparing for tomorrow too 👀

  • I love your daily updates. I was thinking of picking up radio shows too. Just maybe not this often. I'm not that creative that I could write souch a long satire every day! And thanx for mentioning my initiative :grin:

  • @Alte hahaha I don't have a son so for sure he doesnt have brothers too.. Hehe..

  • @Firefly :face_palm: