• Goodmorning to you guys in this beautiful evening! The hot weather approaches, skirts getting shorter, sack pressure increases! Just discovered Valentine was 5 days ago, so happy 5th day after Valentine! Didn't get any love... well.. neither I gave it lmao. Still have a rock hard shell, with an easily flammable fluids smell. Just kidding, that's for the rhymes.

    Just passing through, after deleting old bookmarks. I see there's still no sign of intelligence around here.. everything is about love, smex and rock n roll. Ahh, these emotional Americans. Though kind of quiet, everyone suddenly cares about life lol? Like seriously, not a single interesting post. Fck if I did get paid for this id go bankrupt and do it for free... again... You guys are completely unreliable. Wheres the drama? The keyboard warriors? Everything is behind the scenes but that's not how Hollywood works. Actually hoped to read some more poetry from P.B. But I guess that one time was just an exploding balloon ey. Hope you doing great, mean it. This is just like life you know, after some time everything you knew here is gone and the new gen takes over lmao. So ima play grandpas role, so careful now girl.. don't give me a heart attack by dancing around that pole. When I was young, heroes still existed. Lucifer walked the earth and things lurked in the dark. Demons had trust issues. Smex robots were only being programmed. Babies were born online. And secrets were there to be uncovered. Now don't read into it... that was so random.

    Almost 2 months have passed since new years, man... time flies like Boeing 747 burning rocket fuel. Hmm.. it was supposed to sound deep but well yeah uhm nevermind. Chins up boys and gals. God bless you all, Alte out.

  • @Alte Thank You! I never give in or up.

    Again. Thank you...

  • Global Moderator

    @Alte Mr. DJ Alte, welcome back lmao..😂

  • @Alte nawww my favorite host is there again 😍😁 missed the show 😞 🦁😘

  • You can be the hero you wish to see.
    Be the change in the world.

  • @Karina-Kara Your crazy, heh... i like you

  • @Karina-Kara proove it, then think about takin my title.

  • @Karina-Kara We all have our moments, that doesnt count. Stop judging yourself cuz u overthink everything.

  • @Karina-Kara Exactly, they are mental. Find a way around them. It's all in your head. But.. not everything is always bad, keep a piece or two of what makes you YOU.

  • @Bela-Hella Haha, Hey Bela, not back tho. Just checkin out whats up.

  • @Alte I am the worst.
    Trust me.

  • @Alte Feel free to look at my posts and topics. I am legitimately sometimes out of my mind.

  • @Alte And all my mental conditions?

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