• There you where just beneath the willow tree.
    Apon first glance your beauty screamed out to me.You where all that I had dreamed of.
    I remember you said very little.But It was of the splender of your darkness I loved.

    As we sat under our willow.It was apparent
    I craved you like drought stricken land.I desired my dream that had become incarnate.
    We stood up I asked you to dance.With your long black belle dress and a single black rose.
    I new you where no good for me.That you needed flesh and blood.

    You took my hand rested the other on my shoulder.We where as if the same person.
    It was to good and never true.Yes it matterd not to me your true intentions.I was in love with your eyes. I found it hard to not want you.
    And I wanted you like no other before.

    As you came closer I was against the willow trees bark.I could see you a creature that desired flesh and blood.I was a Reaper of souls and yours smelt of a beautifull sour.
    You came closer pressing me againest tne willow. Yes I could understand why men saught you when you where alive.

    You leaned in and softly spoke of desire.
    You then rested your arms around my neck.
    In countless life times before no soul could stop me. Or beauty destract me from reaping.
    But yours was of heaven for a reaper loves those most of all.That sweetness of light, now
    soured and ghost.

    As you begain to kiss me.In my dark heart you did see the poor souls that came before the'.
    You went to quickly pull away.Your black rose tearing my dead flesh away. You looked apon
    me with fear and distain. You yelled out, I Thought this was my place.

    My dear this has always been my place.
    Given to me for my works disgrace.
    What do you want of me, Am I a prisner of
    this place.(she asked).You are no prisoner
    I would not keep you here in that way.

    If you wish to leave I will not keep you
    in this place. She asked, what is this place
    why did you bring me here.I am a reaper of
    souls and apon your death I fail in love with your grace. You where killed by your lover,
    and also your child unborn.

    I was to take you to the gates of Hades.
    And deliver you to the dark lord.Instead
    I brought you here this place time does
    not know. What of my family?, wait how
    long has it been?( she asked) It has been
    two hundred years.

    What if I leave this place?( she asked)
    Then your soul shall no longer be.
    Why did you do this tell me the truth.(she asked)

    I could not bring myself to deliver you
    to Hades.You souls beaty I do so adore.
    There in Hades your fate was to live out
    your death by your lovers hand for eternity.
    I thought here at least you have a choice.
    To be nothing and not suffer.Or be my
    company in this dark infinity.

    She started walking toward the edge.
    Then she stoped and turned to look
    back at me.You love me do you not
    reaper of souls.(she asked) With all that
    is left of my heart and humainty.

    She came to me and took my hands.
    Then my sweet reaper what do you want
    to do.(she asked)I said id like to dance my sweet darkness. For eternity with only you.

    The End....

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