• Freedom Writers

    Life and death are in a constant back and forth.
    All life wants to do is create,
    and all death wants to do is destroy.
    It's a beautiful balance between the two,
    but it's necessary to keep the majesty in all things.
    If one ever outdoes the other,
    there is the possibility for chaos,
    and everyone would feel the loss of the other.
    You can't have too much creation without taking away from something else,
    and you can't have too much death without taking away those who would enjoy life's splendor.
    Beginnings are wonderful and exciting,
    but that's just the start and that high ends almost as quickly as it begins.
    The end is necessary but painful,
    but without it we'd all be drowning in the abundance of the other,
    and so endings can be just as meaningful and powerful as beginnings.

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