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    Letter to Her

    Heart struck once more
    Alone with thinking
    Night over passing
    How dare I score
    The many tears I dream would never fall?

    Sadness not gladness welcomes again
    With open arms I am greeted
    To see you another time,
    Would repair my heart depleted
    Never matter where, why, but when
    Closer to you would mean the earth moon and stars

    Alas I haven't earned this much
    For I still have yet to tell
    What secret I have
    There's no way to tell it well
    Though I must do such
    For beyond my pain you must rise in due happiness, love, and trust

    This for now please hold to your heart
    As my fortunes are behind me
    I grow afraid you would be as well
    And my heart you'd flee
    As we live, forever apart
    With somber mood, I exclaim my deepest sorrows...


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