The story of your life

  • Freedom Writers

    What I'd like to,
    Is give you a hug, just to cheer you,
    up so much,
    just to get a,
    little smile.
    And I don't mind,
    if you need some time just to be by,
    yourself until you feel better,
    you'll feel better.
    Something's getting you so down,
    something's about to be great.
    You're just trying to find your place,
    in the story of your life.
    You can tell me anything.
    The more we talk,
    the more I find we have in common,
    our downward spiral happened,
    so close to,
    each other,
    but as you were there for,
    me I'll be here to,
    here to pick you,
    up emotionally.
    Here to keep you mentally,
    able to find your place,
    in the story of your life.
    I didn't believe in destiny,
    then I met you and that all changed,
    I'll be here when you find,
    that story of your life.
    You're always welcome,
    to tell me anything.
    Even though we just,
    met we've grown so close.
    My heart has,
    a place where you're,
    able to crawl inside,
    and know it's safe inside.
    You really are so great,
    this is all just a phase,
    it's just another chapter,
    in the story of your life.
    As you continue things will still,
    get hard from time to time.
    But I'll be right there for you,
    To help you write your life.

  • @us-poet youre really are full of wonder😊😊😊😊thanks for sharing

  • Freedom Writers

    @saine123 why thank you. I do have amazement surround me and am happy to share it with others.

  • Music Lovers

    @US-poet nice poem!

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